Two-Lakes Holiday House is located ...

at the village Mändjala, only 8 km from the "capital city" of Saaremaa-the town Kuressaare-towards Sõrve (Sääre). Alongside the road from Kuressaare to Mändjala village runs a lovely lighted bike path.

When driving out of a town one can see a petrol station, you also pass by a beautiful Loode oak forest, and very soon you find yourself at a fishing village Nasva, where the shop is opened every day. Do cross the bridge over the river Nasva and quite soon there is a sign that welcomes you to Mändjala and do not miss the signpost which leads you right towards the holiday houses. After driving a several hundreds of metres you can see a surface of a lake -and there you are!

Two-Lakes Holiday House is the second building on the right coast of the artificial lake.

As long time ago here was the sea bottom, the lakes have sandy bottom and they are appropriate for bathing. The nature love is very characteristic to the people from the island and that has helped to keep the nature clean; a lot of tourists and holiday-makers have had the opportunity to enjoy it yearly.

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